All of our classes can be completed without specialist equipment. Although some videos may use a Pilates ring or dumbbells, you can modify the exercise or hold something else with a similar weight (like a bag of sugar) if you don’t have the equipment at home.

Yes, if you’d like to try KX Pilates workouts, you can complete a 7 day free trial* which will grant you access to our video library of at-home workouts.

*T&Cs apply

KX is a workout made for all fitness levels. As a beginner, you can complete any of our classes and modify the exercises if you’re finding them challenging, or start with one of our shorter videos.

Everyone is welcome. Our classes are suitable for those that are new to Pilates and our Trainers provide modifications for exercises to accommodate an individual’s ability, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Appropriate clothing is essential as you are going to work up a sweat.

We recommend gym tights, leggings or shorts and either a t-shirt or singlet top. Although most clients prefer to train bare foot, grip socks can also be worn.

Visit the KX Store for our range of workout clothing and accessories.

Have your space set up with pilates mat (or reformer bed if you have one at home) and any additional equipment required for the workout. Make sure you have a bottle of water nearby and set your music player up if you like to listen to music whilst you exercise.

You can start with any of our classes and modify the exercise if you’re finding it too challenging.

KX Pilates uses a lot of small muscle groups, you’ll be surprised how challenging the class might be and may need to build up your strength. If you want to ease yourself back into training you can try one of our shorter videos.