No. Our KX at home videos have exercises for both a reformer bed and mat-based pilates, so no matter what equipment you have at home, you can still complete your KX workout.

All of our classes can be completed without specialist equipment. Although some videos may use a Pilates ring or dumbbells, you can modify the exercise or hold something else with a similar weight (like a bag of sugar) if you don’t have the equipment at home.

KX Pilates is currently offered as online classes. We don’t have any physical locations within the US. Interested in opening a KX Pilates studio? Submit an enquiry.

Yes, if you’d like to try KX Pilates workouts, you can complete a 7 day free trial* which will grant you access to our video library of at-home workouts.

*T&Cs apply

KX is a workout made for all fitness levels. As a beginner, you can complete any of our classes and modify the exercises if you’re finding them challenging, or start with one of our shorter videos.